Putting together, establishing and laying a new lawn from scratch is really straight forward if you can pick the right time during the year and prepare the site correctly, if not let L.C. Turf take care of the work for you.

Can I lay a lawn anytime?

Turf should quickly establish on warm, moist soil – autumn is a great time to lay turf as new turf will obvioulsy be regularly watered by the good old English weather and Autumn and Winter rain. The good news is Turf can be laid throughout the year with good preparation and aftercare. If buying turf in spring time, and you live in a location that could be hit by a hosepipe ban just be aware of finding ways to keep the new turf regularly watered as new turf needs frequent watering to prevent the grass from being put under stress.

Buying turf

We obviously suggest buying turf from an experienced turf supplier, that’s us! L.C. Turf can deliver straight to your door. Speak to one of our local suppliers in and around Peterborough, Northampton and Cambridge

Choose good quality turf raised from lawn seed – it is available in several grades, which suit different situations. Contact L.C. Turf for more information and advice on the type of grass turf we supply.

When supplying turf or if you pick up the turf yourself, when delivering to site be sure to stack the turf rolls in a well shaded spot and if they start to appear dry, sprinkle the turf rolls with water.

You should aim to lay turf within a day of delivery – if for some reason there is a delay in laying turf, open up the rolls and water them. There is the risk with delays that the turf may start to turn a slightly yellow colour but do not panic. This should resolve itself once the new turf is laid.