The yearly flower show is widely regarded as one of, if not the most prestigious flower show around, organised each year by the Royal Horticultural Society.

It’s truly a great source of inspiration with some beautifully wonderful, cutting-edge garden design, along with new plants and lots of new ideas to take home and use in your own garden space.

The winner of this year’s top prize is ‘The Telegraph Garden’ – designed by Andy Sturgeon. Apparently inspiration for the garden design is given to the ‘geological’ events that have shaped our landscape over millions of years.

The Chelsea Flower Show runs until Saturday 28th May this year, I believe it’s sold out but you can catch up with the latest news and get inspired by tuning in to shows on BBC One and BBC Two, mid afternoon and most evening’s this week. Alternatively head on over to the Royal Horticultural Society website for some creative ideas for your lawn, plants or garden area.