Working with a local web designer we decided it was time to overhaul our branding and website in line with modern standards. We are very happy with the result! It was quite a big task as we offer our turf supplying services across a vast area of the UK incorporating towns and cities in Cambridgeshire, Huntindonshire and Northamptonshire. We wanted to appeal to all local customers looking to buy turf within those regions without separating each area too much from the site and each other. Hopefully we’ve achieved that with some well designed pages which cover the necessary details regarding buying and laying turf as well as keeping in situ in terms of design. We hope to keep our turf based website informative and up to date with relevant posts, topics and stories added on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis. We’ll talk about local garden shows worth checking out, garden centres, products to help you look after and care for your new turf and a lot more lawn and turf related subjects. Happy gardening!
Laptop laid on grass