Preparing your garden for new turf

You should always try to have you ground prepared for laying new grass before you order your rolls of turf, this will enable you to lay your rolls of turf while the turf is still nice and fresh.

Before you can lay your rolls you need to clear the area of any weeds, large stones. Then either topsoil over site with LC Turf screened topsoil or dig or rotovate to create a tilth to enable you to level the ground for your new turf. Next you need to rake the ground several times to smooth and level it. Then if you can borrow or have a roll roll the new turf site or tread down to firm the new turf site, a final rake to level should have you new lawn site ready for turfing.

Laying your rolls of turf

When your rolls of turf have been delivered you need to lay the turf as soon as possible, thus keeping the green colour of your turf and helping to establish your new lawn. It’s a good idea especially if the turf site is loose or wet to lay your new turf from a board. The best way is to lay a row of turf then place your plank on top of the newly laid row of turf and lay your next row of turf until you have laid all your turf completing your new lawn.

Buying new lawn turf?

Buy from an experienced local turf provider. Turf and topsoil services covering Peterborough, Northampton and Cambridge locations.

Lawn preparation