An informative glossary about turf related terms

Artificial turf / grass

Artificial turf / grass is a combination of synthetic fibres which is created to give the appearance of natural turf / grass. It has become increasingly popular as a lawn grass solution on residential lawns but itcan be costly compared to natural lawn turf.

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Turf calculator

To help work out a rough estimate of how much it will cost for new turf for your garden or landscaping project it’s recommended to use a turf calculator or our online measurement’s guide.

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Turf cutter

Turf cutters are used to strip off the surface of old lawn turf and save the hard work of taking up the turf by hand, though if you are feeling fit you can just use man power and a good spade! However a turf cutting machine is likely to save you a lot of time.

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Turf delivery

We offer turf delivery for both our turf and topsoil supplied by our local branches in Peterborough, Northampton and Cambridge.

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Turf edging

Turf edging is the perfect answer for defining edges and borders with your garden turf. Helping to define a clear line between your grass and other areas and sections of your front and back garden.

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Turf equipment

There is a vast range of products and equipment available for suppliers looking to harvest and grow quality turf for sale, to the homeowner wanting to maintain a fresh natural grass lawn. For advice on the best products to suit your needs please get in touch.

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Turf fertilizer

Choosing the right fertilizer is an important task when it comes to turf, with a range of fertiliser products available for use. Make sure you use the correct fertlilizer depending upon whether you are seeding a new lawn or looking to improve an existing lawn.

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Turf harvesting

For our turf harvsting technique we use kesmac floating head 1 gang cylinder mowers to ensure an even mowing height across all our fields of turf, mowing every 2 to 3 days maintaining a rich thick lush sward of grass on our lawn turf.

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Turf ideas

There are some superb examples and images for ideas of what can be done with turf in your gaden space. We can also offer advice and recommend some great local landscape gardeners within the Peterborough, Northampton or Cambrdige regions

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Turf laying

We can offer the full turf supplies service, from simply supplying turf, to delivery and laying. If you wish to lay the turf yourself we can offer advice on the best turf laying techniques to use.

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Turf maintenance

Seasonal lawn maintenance and treatment is important to maintain your garden lawn turf. A good maintenance regime will limit issues with disease, weeds and moss

Looking after turf, turf gone yellow

Turf mushrooms

You may feel if you see mushrooms growing in turf that you have a problem, but far from it. Fungi actually help to degarde organic debri. They are a micro-organism that can be beneficial in helping your turf to look great and be healthy.

Looking after turf, turf gone yellow

Turf price

Contact us for a low priced, quality, affordable turf, grown on our own fields, direct from your local supplier.

Turf costs, buy turf

Turf rolls

This is simply how we supply turf, in rolls! We offer a standard size roll and can offer both supply or installation of big rolls of turf supplies for larger contracts.

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Turf suppliers

Our turf suppliers operate in branches across Peterborough, Northampton and Cambridge offering a friendly turf and topsoil delivery service. Contact your local turf suppliers.

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Turf thickness

When preparing the area for your new turf it’s best to work to your desired level. You should not allow for the turf thickness as it will need time to settle. Try and prepare your surface to be as level as possible as this is what the turf will work too.

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Turf yellowing

New turf yellowing is a very common query. The best way to avoid this happening is to lay your turf quicly, buy from a reputbale grower (L.C. Turf) and follow a good preparation and aftercare routine.

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