Watering new turf grass

Turf is a living thing so when you’ve laid your turf you will need to keep it watered every day for 14 days.

The best sprinkler for newly laid turf is the oscillating bar type not the spinning type as these tend to water a circular area of newly turfed lawn which can miss the corners, where the bar type coves a square area thus ensuring all the newly laid turf gets water keeping the grass fresh and green.

New turf can be very thirsty so it is important you water ideally morning and night to help the turf establish and take root. One method you can use measure the quantity of water is to place an empty can without the top on your new turf lawn under the sprinkler area, it will have had enough water for that watering when the can has approx 25mm of water in it.

However in hot or very dry weather the new turf lawn could need to be watered more often and the new turf lawn may need watering for longer.

You should closely moniter you new turf lawn and if you start to see gaps in the turf joints or turf where the grass is going brown this a sign that the new turf grass needs more water.

Mowing your new lawn

You should find you new turf lawn will need its first cut at about 10 to 14 days. The first mowing of the turf grass should not be to short as this helps keep the turf moist. Now is a good time to roll your new lawn if you have or can borrow a roller.


Your new turf grass will have had a full fertiliser program on our farm, but your should feed your new lawn with a fertiliser which contains NPK every 4 to 6 weeks from march to end of September.

Buying new lawn turf?

Buy from an experienced local turf provider. Turf and topsoil providers covering Peterborough, Northampton and Cambridge locations.

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